Jacoby is a brand characterised by friendship, passion and skill. Your high standards of form, function and class are our motivation. We see ourselves as masters of your living culture and are looking for good technical solutions and perfect beauty.

We are committed to the sustainable use of natural and human resources. Togetherness is very important to us. That's why we enjoy what we do every day.

Sit down at a JACOBY table and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with your family and friends. We look forward to welcoming you to our workshop shop. We happyly show you our collection..



JACOBY is a Swiss furniture brand. JACOBY furniture is dedicated to the development, conception, design and production of high-quality solid wood furniture that meets the highest standards of quality, form and class. Every single piece experiences the love and respect it deserves.

The small exquisite collection #1 surrounds the entire living area. From dining and sleeping to elegant upholstered furniture.

The philosophy of the young company is to create an ecologically and mentally healthy living environment as well as to make material awareness accessible to customers.

The designers take their inspiration from traditional wood joints. Dovetail or wedge joints result in fittings of the highest quality and flawless beauty without the use of iron or screws.

The precious woods for the production of the small series of handmade furniture come exclusively from healthy forestry in Central European Alpine countries. From mountain elm and black walnut to apple tree and plum, the company offers you hardwoods, which are rarely found in furniture construction.


Furniture sommelier

The handling of wood is similar to that of wine. Each tree has its own colouring and a different appearance. Its special character. As a sommelier Cyrill takes care of the purchase and storage of our precious trees.

But above all in consulting Cyrill's knowledge is worth its weight in gold. He knows all aspects of a carpenter's workshop and has a broad knowledge from his many years of independence. This is exactly where your advantage lies. Because Cyrill understands your language and perceives your needs. In a joint conversation he will help you to find the right furniture for your personal situation. Together you define wood species and mass. In this way you give your furniture individuality. You can make an appointment at any time and let Cyrill advise you.



Chef de production

The best hands, a trained eye, patience and thousands of hours of experience make Boni the most experienced carpenter our team can wish for. His expertise in working with solid wood and processing techniques is as valuable to Jacoby as his know-how in installing complex scenographies. Boni has a constant urge for perfectionism and therefore does not finish any work without meeting his requirements down to the smallest detail.

For our team, his mischievousness and his posed manner is a blessing and we are proud to have bonuses as co-founder of JACOBY.



Art Director

His fondness for form and colour, his feeling for the zeitgeist, his technical knowledge, coupled with a talent for discovery and an innovative way of thinking, make Jan the art director at JACOBY.

Proud craftsmansblood has flown through his veins for generations. He grew up in the wood shavings of his grandfather's and his father's carpentry workshop.



JACOBY designs and develops furniture for private and business use. Our professional pride and your high standards of form, function and class are our motivation. Our goal is to create furniture that lasts. Timeless design and professional, high-quality workmanship result in products that you will enjoy for a long time. However, if the time has come for you to part with a piece from our collection, the following owner should still be able to enjoy it. Longevity is part of our philosophy of resource-conserving action.

But resources are not only important to us on the outside, but also in Jacoby's inner life. It is important for us to experience and shape a respectful, joyful cooperation. This is what we work on day after day.



We experience great joy in what we do and have been friends for many years. Working together on projects, inspiring each other and implementing our ideas. This is a catalyst for our actions and fills us with joy.

Because we process high-quality materials, can keep transport distances short and the ecological burden small.

And of course we want to receive our reward from people who are absolutely happy and satisfied with what they have. On the one hand you - our customer. You should be happy with your furniture, best every day! And of course also our employees, who enjoy this workplace. They can tell their children and partners the funny anecdotes of the day and tell them about great encounters.

That's why we have JACOBY. Because we want to laugh together and it does us good. And even if we feel like moaning, we want to be allowed to moan and have someone to catch and endure it. Thank you :)





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